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Second Time Predictions Proved to be Correct

 Second Time Prediction Proved To Be Correct. 

I had predicted in my Video Released on 4th May 2019 about effects of Mars and Rahu Conjunction. As Predicted things are happening around us. My Followers and Friends noticed such incidents happening around us. I have listed such incidents here - 

1) Predicted about - Major Airplane Accidents and Planes bursting in Flames. 

  • Incident happened in Moscow on 6th may. Airplane had some technical issues while taking off and they did emergency landing of Airplane which burst in to flames. Sadly 41 people died in this incident. 

Airplane in Flames - 4th May 2019
My Video About Predictions regarding Mars and Rahu in Gemini. 

Alaska Plane Crash happened on 14th May 2019. 

Alaska Plane Crash Incident 14th may 2019
2) Predicted about Chemical Factory Fire accidents - Chemical factory fire accidents are common but fire accidents happening during Mars and Rahu conjunction had resulted back to back incidents. There are many fire breaking accidents in these days. 
  • Chemical Factory Fire Incident near Navi mumbai in last week.
  • Chemical Factory Fire Incident in Ludhiana in Last week. 
3) Predicted about Fire Incidents - 
  • On 9th May 2019 Massive Fire killed Five employees of Rajyog Saree Centre in Pune. Reason of Fire is unknown.
  • On 5th May 2019 A fire broke out at a plastic factory near a mall in outer Delhi's Bawana. 
4) Predicted about Violence will take place - 
  • Bangal - Violence is the recent example for the this Prediction. I had clearly mentioned in video that People might get misdirected,will get angry. Media will play major role in this. This is actually happening. 
  • This is just not happening in  India but Sri Lanka also Facing issues regarding the same. 

5) Predicted about Car or vehicles catching fires- many incidents took place in these days regarding Cars catching of fire or Mobile Phone exploding. 

6) Predicted about Politicians/Media taking about Provoking people about religion and all. Yes this is happening. Politician's comments about competitors are reaching cheap level and affecting general people's thinking. 

This article or video is just for study and research. In my Previous video also I had predicted about Sri Lanka Incident and yes that happened. Still situation is critical in Sri Lanka. Still many days to go as this Mars and Rahu conjunction will remain together till mid of June. So just be careful. Keep control on your anger and anxiety. Avoid getting into situations which includes subjects regarding Religion. 

Will keep You Updated. 
Thank You. 

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