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Earthquake In Delhi

Earthquake In Delhi

Today Massive Earthquake shook Delhi at 14.45. Epicenter was in Afganisthan. Minor Tremors felt in Rajasthan,Gujrat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana,Punjab.On Earthquake My Observations are- 

1) Whenever Full Moon day( Sun and Moon on 180 degree Astronomically) or No moon Day ( Sun And Moon on 0 degree Astronomically) ,

2) Moon or Sun in Ketu's or Rahu's Star ( Rashi - Mesh, Simha or Dhanu ) ,

earthquake had happened. 

Following is the list of some of my Onservations and Study on the Earthquakes happened  so far - 

A) 10-01-2001 - Kodaik Alaska.- Sun and Moon in Mithun Rashi - No Moon Day. ( Amavasya )

B) 26-01-2001 - Gujrat,India - Sun and Moon in Capricorn Sign. - No Moon Day ( Amavasya ) (Recorded 7.7 Richter Scale)

C) 05-04-2004 - Hindukush/ Afganisthan -  Sun in Aries Sign, Moon in Libra Sign. Full Moon Day (Poornima )

D) 15-10-2005 - Southwestern Kashmir - Sun in Virgo Sign and Moon Pieces Sign. Full Moon Day  ( Poornima)

E) 06-11-2007 - Gujrat, India - No Moon Day ( Amavasya )

F) 30-09-1993 - Latur/ Maharashtra - Full Moon Day (Poornima ) (Recorded 6.4 Richter Scale)

G) 26-10-2015 Hindukush/Afganisthan - Full Moon Day ( Poornima) (Recorded 7.6 Richter Scale)

So We should not Ignore Ancient Indian Astrological Calculations. Astrology is dependent on Astronomy. So one who studies Astronomy well, Astrological Predictions won't go wrong. 

Note - Earthquake happened on Revati Nakshatra. Revati is Mercury's Nakshatra. Any incident happens on Mercury's Nakshtra it gets repeated. Repetition of Earthquake might possible. 

Waiting for your Responses. You can mail me here - anupriyadesai@gmail.com

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