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Venus,Jupiter and Mars Visible in Sky

Venus,Jupiter and Mars Visible in Sky 

 In the morning at 4.30 I spotted Three Planets from Our Space. Jupiter,Venus and Mars. I immediately Captured them in my Nokia Lumia Camera. The brightest Star is Venus and on the top of it there is Jupiter. Mars is also visible by eye But I could not captured it as camera quality did not support. Mars is with Venus. It is just a small spot below the Venus. 

Astrologically Calculations are - 
Mars 27 degree in Leo Sign. 
Venus 26 degree in Leo Sign. 
Jupiter 22 degree in Leo Sign. 
So Venus is in Conjunction with Mars.

With Out any Effects I clicked the Snap.
Captured With Night Vision Option

Mars,Jupiter and Venus
After publishing This article people mailed me asking how to recognise these planets ? Answer is -  This requires practice and knowledge of Astronomy

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